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Founded on 01 July 1867 Monday

China was founded on 01 October 1949 Saturday

Vietnam was founded on 02 July 1976 Friday

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Kingdom of Morocco Photos by Loubna Ben

Morocco was founded on 02 March 1956 Friday

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Planning to travel is time-consuming, whether your destination is relevant to vacation, education, work, relaxation or meeting and greeting people.

 Travel safety is a first priority.

We are a ​USA and international travel reference and product suggestion source.

This travel information is presented free of cost and is intended as our opinion for safe travel where real time people to people exchange interaction and historic education is realized in relaxing and entertaining environments. It is advised that multiple and diverse travel information sources are utilized by people planning to travel, particularly when traveling to a foreign nation state.  

​There is a travel alert pertinent to human contact with mosquitoes. Women of child bearing age and pregnant women may be subjected to serious  health impairments. Men may also be subjected to mosquito born health problems. Please check with your doctor, World Health Organization, USA CDC, and other sources. 

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Prior to travel, know where your potable water sources​​ are located and know the terms, if not challenges for  for accessing potable water through  the duration of your travel plan.

Prior to travel, research travel insurance. If you make a choice to purchase travel insurance, make the personal investment required to understand the details of what your insurance policy will cover and what your insurance policy will not cover. We have heard complaints which suggest that there are many reasons for insurance companies to legitimately deny a claim. Cancel for any reason insurance policies also have rules that should be well understood by the traveling customer. 

Disneyland is now open in Shanghai 

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 Chesapeake City, Maryland and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Constructed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

supplemental Safety tips 

  • be alert for exploitation through promises of employment. If it appears too good to be true, it could be a scam or worse.
  • Some slave operators may exploit trust by using a trusted third party such as friend or familiar acquaintances of yours. Do your own safety research. It is more difficult to depart some nation states than to enter; partIcUlarly if employment, slavery or any of the spectrum of human rights abuses are involved. keep your passport under your direct control except under demand by police - immigration authority.
  • if your non-government potential employer in a foreign nation state demands possession and control of your passport for any reason; separate yourself from such an employer without delay.
  • Contact your embassy as soon as you arrive in any foreign nation state to make your embassy aware of your presence on foreign territory and to acquire most recent travel safety updates.
  • Always be aware that what is legal in one or more nations might not be legal in the nation you visit. the consequence for not acting within law could be tragic and expensive. 
  • listen more than you speak and speak through respect and cultural sensitivity. imposing and or forcing your cultural ideal onto others or into an environment different than your own could have tragic consequences.
  •  Remember your geographic direction of travel through identification of permanent markers and sounds.
  • don't be fooled by appearance. Be informed by demonstrated character fact. 
  • we recommend not  being  rushed to a choice while traveling.
  • ​Prior to travel, learn the money exchange rate of your destination.
  • Travel smart to travel safE.
  • If you intend to publish your travel photographs on social media forums; it could be wise to share your photographs after you return home from your travel destination in some circumstances.

Rosewood, Florida has American history that is not well shared through the standard education systems in place throughout USA. Rosewood, Florida presents, to an extent, a mirror image of what many Americans would prefer to believe never existed and still doesn’t exist through a customary practice, if not American cultural practice of denial of objective fact; in preference of a best, if not perfect, most powerful, fantasy place on earth. The aforementioned cultural component; is often concealed and derives from identifying with exclusive power that recycles injustices, that are not collectively viewed as injustice depending upon perceptions and self-perceived personal identifying.  Through this American cultural context presented by Gus Patterson; it is not surprising that in the case of the Rosewood, Florida massacre and numerous similar events, no person was held accountable for taking away human lives and personal economic value, destroying an entire town in an openly public manner and no person was held accountable for making a false statement; under USA, State and international laws.  Gus Patterson can directly relate through his experiences. Luckily, relatively small financial reparations were made to Rosewood, Florida survivors in year 2004 after substantial political debate and after a movie introduced many people to specific historic events of Rosewood, Florida dating to Monday  01 January 1923. Upon a visit to Rosewood, Florida on Saturday 01 September 2017; we found the town has very few remaining residents and we did not observe anyone who through appearance presented as American Minority in Rosewood, Florida. While appearance alone is not a strong support for analyzing, we had interactions in and near Rosewood, Florida that add support to our perspective. We were aided and warmly welcomed by two Rosewood, Florida residents that we encountered and we were engaged by a person who was overtly hostile without presentation of a rational action cause. This subject of historical exclusive power combined with exclusive economic value is expressed through perceptions of justice and injustice and, presents acquiescence subjects that recycle violence in energy series with customary privilege, temporary situational leverage and a high level desire to realize collective and individual personal gratification of having and expressing and projecting exclusive power combined with exclusive economic value; different from (artificial) chemically influenced state of human being, however, parallel to the same. Gus Patterson' perception on this subject is not limited to observations within American culture. This presentation can be found at many places on earth and almost anywhere where peace is overwhelmed. 

Visit Delaware and nearby Chesapeake City, Maryland.

Enjoy fine dining, USA's best seafood, recreation, and museums.


Sweden has a long history and joined the European Union on 01 January 1995 Sunday

Photographs and Descriptions by Camille Kostic

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